Del Morro Castle

San Juan Puerto Rico Travel Guide

The San Felipe del Morro Castle (El Morro) is one of two large citadels located in Old San Juan.  It was built in the 16th century to control the entrance to the  San Juan harbor and port.

Construction of the Del Morro Fortress was initiated by King Charles V of Spain in 1539.  It was subsequently enlarged and enhanced over the next 400 years.

Del Morro Castle (El Morro)
Del Morro Castle (El Morro)

The Spanish controlled the castle from 1539 until 1898.  The island was awarded to the Americans in 1898 at the conclusion of the Spanish American War.

Visitors to San Juan Puerto Rico can explore the fortress and enjoy the parkland adjacent to it.   Make sure to visit the Del Moro Lighthouse when you visit the castle.

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